CLUE Bingo

CLUE Bingo

The adventure that you have to unravel

Clue Bingo is a great who-done-it game, where you solve mysteries by finding clues and working out what they mean. In this fantastic creation by Storm8 Studios, you have to search through secret corners and rooms to get to the bottom of an adventure that you have to unravel.

In every game, there are rewards that have to be unlocked that will gain you access to new rooms to continue your investigation. With iconic rooms like the Conservatory, Study and Hall this game has shed-loads of atmosphere excellent graphics and offers hours of fun. You can heighten that fun by playing with friends and using some exclusive boosts for some cool effects such as extra coins, free daubs and lots more.

Clue Bingo is free to play and has a lot more cards than other bingo games. With easy to use smooth controls, players can switch between them with ease, daub numbers and shout Bingo as soon as they have it.

This is the smoothest and best looking Bingo gaming experience on the market, and you can buy in-app items using real cash.

Here are the features

You can discover and explore a multitude of rooms such as the Cellar, Kitchen, Conservatory and library.

There are lots of tournaments that you can play with your friends to enhance the fun. The aim here is to discover who can get the most Bingo Shouts.

The multi-level boosts in Clue Bingo can enable you to win by using an explosion of daubs for free, reveal numbers that are coming up and get additional bonus spaces to your own cards.

By collecting the clue envelopes, you can get some fabulous prizes such as extra boosts, tickets, coins and lots more.

Total fun with clue themed collections featured in every room. You get more tickets and play even more.

You can use up to eight cards, which is more than any other bingo game.

CLUE Bingo


CLUE Bingo

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